Hunour therapy

©Carol Cameron 2006-10

Psikeyhatrix is supposed to be subversive music therapy associated with the missing fashion artist Stylecatcher. The previous director regarded Psikeyhatrix as a punk prank not proper music therapy and banned it. Her idea of music therapy was New Age style music with a blend of bird song, waterfalls and dreamy synthesizers. This suited some folk. But some visitors expected more. They wanted to express themselves, get energized, rebel a bit like punks and rappers. The director promised to order djembe drums and arrange for lessons. She did allow ballroom dancing and this has been popular. But the Psikeyhatrix faction were kicked out of Art Asylum so they went busking in Camden by the Canal. They formed their own community of misfits and social rejects and helped one another. But that little world got swept away by the developers with their visions of concrete and plastic. The Psikeyhatrix drifted back to Art Asylum where they found there was a colouful new director who said he was keen on the idea of introducing expressive music therapy but not sure how to make it happen. He wanted someone with impressive qualifications who would work with him. So he got staff drafting a Music Therapy Strategy Plan and they are still having committee meetings and consultation groups. Result has been no music therapy at all just meetings about it. So Lev got guitars and a keyboard and people play around on that.