Alfie Art Asylum security guard

Humour in Art Therapy

The doctor gave me big red pills for depression. He said big red pills work best. Everyone in Art Asylum is on them. Everyone who is depressed that is. The meditation therapist is quite cheerful but she meditates and takes a lot of exercise. Therapists here recommend exercise for your health. Some of them patrol the corridors snapping 'Keep moving!' at anyone they see sprawling about looking mopy. There have been arguments about that at meetings. Some Asylumers object that it is as insensitive as telling someone to "Pull yourself together."Though to my way of thinking there is a difference . Telling someone to pull themselves together is unhelpful because it is hard to follow how to do it. You are not actually in bits with string attached that you can get some functioning part of you to pull together. But everyone understands what is to move. One day I was with Lev and he was lying all miserable on the music room floor and one of the physiotherapists said "Keep moving."to him and he just moved the tip of his finger. We all burst out laughing. So it can help.
I do believe in exercise though when you are depressed it can be difficult to make the effort. Sometimes though I get hyperactive and that has got me into trouble. As a security guard I need to be disciplined but it is easier when you are with your mates in a group. I like working with the dogs. Art I don't have much time for and some Asylumers regard me as a bit of a philistine. I wrote this piece about depression in the writing therapy group. Thanks for reading it . Alfie