I am Solo from Art Asylums stables. Horses are social creatures so we really need company so I would prefer to join a choir if you call the noises we make singing. Okay that was a joke and loneliness is sad.
But if you are lonely, as a lot of folk are, have you thought about joining a choir? Maybe you associate choirs with churches and don't fancy the sermons. Or you want to tell me you cannot sing. If you can a noise talking you can sing. Anyway you could join a singing class at evening school and learn tp sing. In Art Asylum we have singing therapy groups. where nobody worries about whether they can sing. Everyone just enjoys singing together. Singing is good for you. Almost everybody likes to sing or hum a bit. So it is an easy option. Trouble is for a lot of lonely people nothing is an easy option so that is what they do - nothing. Being lonely the lonely person has no one to motivate them to make the effort. And lonely people are depressed and depression is inertial. Just moving gets to be an effort so you stay in sitting motionless in front of a screen watching lots of action people fighting and shouting. So you have to make a real effort to make a move. You know what you have to do. You look up choirs or singing in your area. Then you find out when and where and just go along. So you got a choice. You can be lonely or you can join a choir.
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