I was a scruffy rescue dog before I came to Art Asylum to train as a dog therapist.
First I had to do dog rehab for behavioral problems. They were keen on discipline but I managed to scrape through that with a few tricks. Dog therapists in Art Asylum are required to be friendly motivators, get people up and out and moving. If I see anyone looking down and depressed I rush and get a lead and jump around with it going "Woof"! "Woof!". If they get cross and shout at me I put my head on side and gaze at them looking sad. Then they usually sigh and pick up the lead and I dance about excitedly all pleased. And we go out for a walk in the woodlands with the trees and I run around but keep looking at them and if it looks like they want to talk I stay close and listen, and keep looking up at them. If they don't respond to my inviting them to take a walk with me then I report back to my line manager who checks up to see what the matter is with them. I enjoy my work at Art Asylum. Smiley

Dog Therapist in Art Asylum
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