Art Asylum Stables is the best place to find out what goes on in Art Asylum. Riding therapy is very popular and the art therapy groups come to the stables to draw horses. So in the stables folk talk about what is happening. What keeps Art Asylum going is the work we do at the stables. Staff at the stables are make sure that the horses are taken care of and treated with respect. We are therapy horses and good natured if we are treated properly. There have been rumours about wild parties at the stables but that is just gossip. The wild parties in the old barn in Spookwoods but best avoid those because there are some real villains in Spookwoods. We get a few villains in Art Asylum but they have to be careful there because there is security. The dogs protect us in the stables. Asylumers who visit the stables for riding or drawing are expected to act sober and sensible. There are bridle paths in Spookwoods and you need to be sober and sensible if you want to go riding there. Art Asylum horses know the ways to go and the places to avoid and are the best guides. If riders dismount and go wandering off by themselves then they are going to get lost. If their riders disappear horses report back to the dogs who go out to find them. Usually a dog comes along with the rider. I would like everyone to have their own therapy dog but some people do not like dogs and are nervous of them. Art Asylum dogs are well trained and go to proper dog schools. Some of the people who come here are poorly trained and some look for trouble. That is easy to find even in a safe place like Art Asylum. I have to refer you to Art Asylum reception but the receptionist is a bit snooty. Sitemap has list of therapies. Thanks for coming to see me. Take care. Horse George. ©Carol Cameron 2006-10