I am Dr. Riki MacAwe, Director of Art Asylum the exclusive cultural retreat on the edge of Spookwoods, the nature reserve. Our members usually travel here in horse drawn carriages. Alternatively, they could come on horseback or bicycle or on foot, or in a rickshaw. Helicopters, private jets and cars are forbidden. I suppose you are wondering about flying saucers. There used to be a lot of rumours about flying saucers landing in Spookwoods. No one in Art Asylum had ever seen a flying saucer or a ghost. Then some lunatic started doing pictures with flying saucers and ghosts and flying saucers became a popular theme in artwork. We had exhibition with installation art and the art groups constructed fancy whirling electronic objects with pretty flashing lights. Everyone admired them though some of the therapists were a bit concerned that it was becoming a sinister obsession. Then some prankster introduced some electronic frisbees that looked like flying saucers and possibly had wireless controls. One of them kept circling above my private aviary where I like to feel safe to stretch my wings.
Sometimes they disappear for a while. Then, just when everyone has started to forget about them, they reappear. We did have a lot of staff meetings about them and a lot of concern was expressed about the damage they might do to Art Asylum's reputation. This is supposed to be a safe place where you can get respite from worry and stress. Some staff wanted me to stop talking about them. Others felt that it was better for me to be to open about them and explain otherwise I could be held responsible if you failed to see them as a silly joke.
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